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there are several product lines in this blog that we no longer carry. We are now specializing in Wildwood travel trailers which include Wildwood X-Lite, Wildwood, Wildwood DLX, Heritage Glen, Wildwood Lodge, and Wildwood Grand Lodge. we will be updating this information and removing some things are leaving others just for informational purposes. Thanks for your support we appreciate you. If anyone of us here at Lee’s country RV can be of any assistance please let us know.


wildwood 31QBSS

0014Wildwood 31QBSS

Stock Number:   8242
MSRP:   $21,992.00
Price:   $15,367.00  
Class:   Travel Trailer
Floor Plan:   Quad Bunks
Length:   34  
Weight:   6660   lbs.

31qbssIf you have a big family this is definitly the camper for you. The Wildwood 31QBSS has enough room for ten people and thats without putting anyone on the floor! In the back is quad bunks and an entertainment center for the kids, its like a bedroom. Up front you have the master bedroom for Mom and Dad and in between is the living room and the kitchen. No more worring about being cramped up when it rains or when the kids want to bring a friend.


The Wildwood 31QBSS has more strorage in one corner than the competition has in their whole camper. With a pass thru up front and a horseshoe storage in the back you’ll bring the whole house with you and still have more storage under the master bed.

For more information on the Wildwood 31QBSS or any Wildwood Camper floor plan please visit www.leescountryrv.com

Forest River 26TBSS


I think this is on of my favorite Wildwood RV floor plans. Its layedout perfect to give you wide open living. The Wildwood 26TBSS can sleep ut to nine poeple without putting anybody on the floor. The master bedroom is up front and actually has some since of privacy. This camper has a huge living room with a super slide on the off door side and three bunks in the back. If you have kids this would be a perfect floor plan to allow to bring their friends on those camping trips. Lees Country RV has the Wildwood 26TBSS and other campers for sale at the Batesville Super Center.

Wildwood 26QB Travel Trailer 9,995

Wildwood 26QB Bunkhouse Camper

Wildwood 26QB Bunkhouse Camper

Bunks, bunks, and more bunks. Wildwood introduced this puppy about a year ago and has hit a home run. If your trying to keep the weight down, sleep a lot of people and not spend a ton of money then here you go. This camper can sleep up to 8 people and cost less than $10,000 dollars. It has Quad bunks in the back and a RV queen up front and a dinette in the middle. You don’t see too many campers with bunks with this layout, it works great. It has a stand up shower a separate water closet, stove, furnace, awning… and more. This camper is about 26 foot long and has an interior head height of 80 inches. Interior height means a lot when your a little taller or just don’t want to feel confined. This travel trailer has Armstrong linoleum throughout so no need to bring along the vacuum. It has a one piece rubber roof with a 5 inch crown which means water runs off just like your house. It is a walk on roof so feel free to get up there once a year to check out all your seals and vents. There is so much to say about this camper if you would like more info on this or any other Wildwood Travel Trailers give us a shout

Wildwood 19BH

Wildwood 19BH

Wildwood 19BH

The Wildwood 19BH is probably one of our most popular campers. This little travel trailer can sleep up to 7 people, comes standard with air, awning, stove, oven, fridge, TV antenna, furnace, stereo system, microwave and only weighs about 4000#s. That means it can be towed by almost anything. Pricing starts around $10,000 bucks depending on what options you want installed. One of the most popular options are stabilizer jacks. These jacks get mounted under the frame in each corner of the camper. You can crank these down individually to help keep your camper from rocking. Another popular option is the spare tire and carrier. I know what your thinking, shouldn’t this be standard? Well yes and no, a lot of people choose to leave the camper in a park or on some property and will very rarely ever be moved so they don’t want the spare tire. The tire, rim and carrier cost about 200 dollars so we leave it as an option if the people don’t want it. The inside of this travel trailer is action packed with features. With an impressive 80″ interior height you wont feel like you have to duck all the time. There is seating for 7, four at the over sized dinette and three on the couch. The floors are all linoleum so no having to break out a sweeper, just a broom. And did I mention that the flooring is Armstrong?  There is so much more to talk about in and on this unit, if you would like to speak to a non aggressive professional sales rep please visit our website www.leescountryrv.com

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Wildwood 26TBSS

Wildwood 26 TBSS Travel Trailer

Wildwood 26 TBSS Travel Trailer

 One of the most popular travel trailer floor plans starting at an unbelievable price. Its hard to believe that you can get all this in a mid size camper. It comes standard with heat, air, awning, refridgerator, stove, oven, shurflo pump and a stereo system just to name a few. Another plus is the amount of storage this camper has. There is pass thru storage at the front on both sides, storage under the sofa and under both sides of the dinette.

One of the nicest features of this Wildwood travel trailer is the huge super slide. This slide accomidates the dinette and the sofa that also lays down in to a bed. This camper will sleep 9 people pretty easy and thats with out putting anybody on the floor. This unit also has 5″ Bowed Truss Roof Rafters which means that the roof is not flat and you wont have water standing up there. If you would more information on wildood campers please visit leescountryrv.com to view this floor plan and other new and used travel trailers and fifth wheels for sale

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